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In efforts to perfect the greatest golf swing one can achieve, I am taken back to the time when my father advised me while he was playing golf at Gannon University, he never watched anyone else swing.  Coincidentally, he once asked me where his ball went, and I responded, "I'm not sure, I wasn't watching!"  This simple advice stuck with me from the time I first heard it... until now, however, I would like to add to "Don't watch anyone else swing", by adding "Watch good golfers swing!"

Let's start with the simple advice, "Don't watch anyone swing!"  Why is this so important?  Simply put, by watching other people swing, golfers seem to replicate what they see.  Hence, watching a bad golf swing can impact your golf swing whether you know it or not.  When you step up to the tee, your thoughts should be filled with your own golf swing, and not of someone else's unless good.  

Lesson two, "Watch good golfers swing!"  A youtube search can land you any PGA golfer's swing to be watched repeatedly.  Sometimes this is actually better then going to the range to hit golf balls.  Watching a good golfer practice is just as essential as practicing oneself.  One of my favorite players to watch is Tiger Woods; study Tiger, and I guarantee you will hit better shots then ever before.  A golf swing is not rocket science, but should be taken as a student perspective.  If you are having trouble with your math homework, do you go to the janitor?  Do you ask the lunch lady?  Do you try to figure it out on your own?  A better approach might be watching the teacher demonstration because they are doing it correctly.

Let's face it, your golf swing is not getting better watching bad golf swings, and has no way but to improve by watching a good swing!  Please feel free to weigh in on this advice!  I'd like to know how my cyber golf advice works for you.  


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