Lakeview Golf Resort, WV Resort

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Lakeview Golf Resort
After being stuck in Morgantown, WV for the past week, it was finally time to take the clubs out of the trunk.  When looking for a place to play 9-holes, I came across Lakeview Golf Resort in West Virginia.  To be honest, I solely based my decision to try this course on the reviews and photos I found after a Google search.  Not to mention, it was only fifteen minutes away from the Courtyard Marriott where I was staying.  
A majority of the holes are tree lined and do not fare friendly to an occasional hook or draw.  I've always heard the saying, "Straighter is longer" and this could be the poster course for those words.  Beginning with the first hole which is around 320 yards dead straight; however, condos are to the far right and trees to the left.  Those same condos and other condos accompany the right and left sides of the fairway on the second hole.  These typically would not come into play for the average golfer, but if you hit the ball over 300 yards, then you could find yourself in a bit of trouble.  Make sure you stop to look at the view behind the third hole tee box.  
Lakeview Golf Resort
Do I think it is the "golfers ultimate challenge", sure...but isn't every golf course on any given day?  There are a lot of beautiful scenic holes that are really something to see.  On the other hand, I don't think I would spend the full $80 to play 18 holes on the weekend.  Without a doubt, I would definitely pay $40 during the weekday after 3PM to play 18 holes.  
Lakeview Golf Resort  


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