The Gloves Strapped to Your Golf Bag

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For as long as I can remember, every old golf glove would find its final resting place strapped to my golf bag when it came time for a new golf glove to be put into play.  Taking after my grandparents on this matter, I felt as if I would one day I would eventually need these worn out gloves for "something".  What wast this something?  Could this be true?  Would I really need a collection of worn out gloves?  Do worn out golf gloves have a place in the golfing world?  

I can't help but to remember my very first golf glove as a junior golfer.  It was a white Nike glove with black vents that made me feel as cool as Tiger.  This might have been because at the time I did have a tiger head cover that I received as a birthday present from my parents.  Man did I love that glove...I loved it so much that after fifty rounds I was still using it, which consequently was probably doing my game more harm then good.

Last week, I arrived at the course to play my weekly Wednesday round with my father, and I could not resist looking at the strapped golf gloves that populated my golf bag.  It was finally time to break the cycle, but after evicting the gloves from the bag, I could not help to feel guilty if I threw them away.  Someone could use them right?  So I placed them ever so nicely outside of the pro shop on the window seal for someone to see who might need a glove.  That idea quickly was shut down by my father who said, "By leaving those gloves there, you're going to be hurting someone's golf game because of the slippage an old golf glove provides."

Hence, I will close by offering you a little piece of advice.  Golf gloves can be an item that becomes horded whether in your golf bag or strapped to your golf bag.  Don't fall victim to the golf gloves strapped to your bag plague.  Though it was viewed as war medals by some, It's time to clean it up...there is only need for one golf glove. 


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