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Titleist 718 AP1 Irons – (Steel)

$ 999.99

With explosive ball speed and an even more forgiving face, Titleist 718 AP1 Irons reward you in every way you can imagine, all while maintaining Titleist’s classically coveted look and feel.


  • Distance You Can Depend On: AP1 irons not only deliver more distance, but they also produce more consistent gapping throughout the set. Hollow-body long irons and undercut cavity mid/short irons mean you’ll be able to maximize carry distance for every shot.
  • Closer is Always Better: A higher MOI gives you more room on the face to hit it pure. An improved leading edge creates better turf interaction for more consistent contact. Together, they let you hit every shot closer to your target.
  • Push Your Game To New Heights: Launch it high and land it soft with a lower CG and refined tungsten weighting for each individual iron. Hit longer shots that hold the green more often to put yourself in better scoring position.
  • Maximum Distance: A thin, fast, unsupported face generates more ball speed for more distance. Hollow-body long irons maximize carry distance on longer shots into the green.
  • Maximum Forgiveness: A higher MOI provides you with more area across the face to hit it pure. An improved leading edge creates more efficient turf interaction for more consistent contact.
  • Preferred Aesthetics: The looks, sound and feel that you’ve come to expect from a Titleist iron, delivered in a premium game improvement profile.
  • True Temper AMT Red Steel Shaft is the lightest model in the new premium AMT lineup, is super lightweight in the long- through mid-irons for speed and ascends from 8 iron to lightweight wedge shafts for control and feel
  • Brand: Titleist

Will ship by 9/29


Model Loft Lie Length Swing Weight
4 Iron 21° 61° 38.5" D1
5 Iron 24° 62° 38" D1
6 Iron 27° 62.5° 37.5" D1
7 Iron 30° 63° 37" D1
8 Iron 34° 63.5° 36.5" D1
9 Iron 38° 64° 36" D1
PW 43° 64° 35.75" D1
AW 48° 64° 35.5" D1
Below are custom grip and shaft options -
Shaft ( shafts with price are per iron ) CURRENT CATALOG WITH UPDATED PRICING WILL BE UPLOADED 9/31 
SteelFiber i95cw $50
SteelFiber i110cw $50
KBS C-Taper $20
KBS C-Taper Lite $20
KBS Tour 
KBS Tour 90 
KBS Tour V $15
Graphite Design
Titleist GDI Tour AD 50i, 65i - Graphite Upcharge $25 
Kuro Kage Low Balance 50,65,85,105 - Graphite Upcharge $25 
NS Pro Modus 3 Tour 120 $25
NS Pro Modus 3 Tour 130 $25
NS Pro 850GH $15
NS Pro 950GH 
Titleist NS Pro 970 
Titleist NS Pro 105T 
Project X
Project X $25
Project X PXi $25
True Temper
XP 95, 105, 115 
DG Pro $20
Dynalite Gold SL 
Dynalite Gold XP
Dynamic Gold
Dynamic Gold Sensicore $15
Dynamic Gold Tour Issue AMT or non AMT $30
Grips ( grips with price is per iron )
Golf Pride
Titleist Tour Velvet 
Titleist Tour Velvet Cord $7
Titleist Tour Velvet 360
Tour Velvet 360 Flat Cap
Tour Velvet 360 LT $7
Tour Velvet 
Tour Velvet Ribbed $5
Tour Velvet Midsize $7
Tour Velvet BCT Cord Black $10
Tour Velvet BCT Cord Ribbed $8
Tour Velvet Junior
CP2 Wrap $8
CP2 Pro $8
Decade Multi-Compound Red $11
Decade Multi-Compound Red Midsize $11
Decade Multi-Compound White $11
Decade Multi-Compound Blue $11
Decade Multi-Compound Orange $11
Decade Multi-Compound Yellow $11
Decade Multi-Compound Black $11
Decade Multi-Compound Platinum Red $11
Decade Multi-Compound Platinum Blue $11
Decade MCC+4 Blue $11
Decade MCC+4 Grey $11
Decade MCC+4 Red $11
VDR Black $8
Tour Wrap 2G $7
Tour Wrap 2G Midsize $7
Tour Wrap 2G Red $7
Tour Wrap 2G White $7
Z-Grip Cord $10
Crossline $7
Crossline ACE 3GEN $7
Crossline Cord $7
REL ACE 3GEN Black $7 
REL ACE 3GEN Blue $7
Dri-Tac Wrap Lite STD $8
Dri-Tac Wrap Lite MID $8
Dri-Tac Lady $8
Dri-Tac STD $8
Dri-Tac MID $8
Dri-Tac OVS $8
Excel Medium Black $8
Please message me specs before purchase!

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